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City Commission Minutes 02/17/04

Present                                                                 Absent

Mayor Clarence E. Anthony
Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner
Commissioner John Wilson
Commissioner Joe Kyles, Sr.
Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry

Members of Staff Present

Tony Smith, City Manager
Virginia Walker, City Clerk
Glenda Taylor, Secretary
Annette Parchment, Assistant to City Manager
Charles Inman, Parks and Recreation

Mayor Anthony opened the Commission Meeting at 8:00 p.m. by all standing and saying the Pledge to the Flag and Commissioner Joe Kyles led a prayer.

South Florida Water Management District presentation by Tammy Moore was deferred until the next Commission Meeting.
Motion moved by Shirley Walker –Turner , Seconded by Kyles,  yes, Vice-Mayor Berry,
Yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, John Wilson, Yes, Shirley Walker-Turner, yes, Mayor Anthon . Passed 5-0

Consent Agenda was Approved .

Minutes of January 20th were approved. Moved by Joe Kyles, seconded by Commissioner Turner, yes, Vice- Mayor Berry, yes, Commissioner John Wilson, Yes, Commissioner Turner , yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Mayor Anthony. Passed 5-0.

Ordinance 3-2004 regarding the Collection rates, charges, bills, etc. was on the secondt reading and City Manager Tony Smith that it be passed so we could go forward . Motion by Commissioner Kyles, Seconded by Commissioner Turner, yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, yes, Commissioner Wilson, yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Commissioner Turner, yes, Mayor Anthony. Passed 5-0.    Second reading will be on March 16, 2004.

Staff will send out flyers to let the Citizens know of the change of rates.

Ordinace 4-2004 – regarding the change of time for the Commission Meeting from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.   Motion by Commissioner Kyles, Seconded by Commissioner Wilson, yes, Commissioner Turner, Yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, yes, Mayor Anthony, yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes, Commissioner Wilson. Passed 5-0.  Second reading will  be on March 16, 2004.

Resolution 28-2004 regarding the Aquifer Test Well and Pilot Study. Commissioner Turner that she had spoke with Pat Gleason and she did not understand all of the language of the contract and she wanted to know if any grants would be coming to help the City, City Manager Tony Smith stated that there will be help for the City and advised for them to go forward and any problems will be taken care of before any thing is signed but they needed to go forward. City Manager stated EPA will come on board to help and Tallahassee will help out also. Motion by Commissioner Wilson, seconded by Commissioner Kyles, yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes, John Wilson, yes, Mayor Anthony, yes, Commissioner Turner, yes, Commissioner Kyles, Passed 5-0.

City Managers Report – City Manager Tony Smith encouraged all Commissioners to go to Palm Beach County Day In Tallahassee on March 2-4, 2004. Mr. Smith stated that we needed to lobby for the City.

Vice- Mayor Berry brought up that FCAT testing started that week and that all Commissioners should stay in the City to encourage all children and the schools and Mayor Anthony stated that could be done by going to the school prior to FCAT AND Mayor Anthony suggested that we cancel the March 2nd Commission Meeting.

Vice- Mayor Berry disagreed and encouraged all Commissioners to remain in the City.

Motion by Commissioner Wilson, seconded by Commissioner Kyles, yes, Mayor Anthony, yes, Commissioner Wilson, yes, Commissioner Turner, yes, Commissioner Kyles, no, Vice-Mayor Berry. Passed 4-0.

Mayor Anthony ask for Citizens comments – Lisa Walker , a resident of South Bay, that lives at Villa Lago stated that the home that she bought was in very bad shape and she could not get the help that she needed – she stated the roof leaked and the floor was not good  and that the windows did not fit tight and she ask the City to help her and if she could not get any help she would call Channel 12 – Mayor Anthony stated she could call Channel 12 but it was the engineers of Villa Lago she needed to be speaking with and she agreed to meet with Tony Smith and Felicia Everett to resolve the matter.

Mrs. Robison spoke about her water bill being to high and the City agreed for her to come and speak with them about this matter.

Mayor Anthony adjourned the meeting at 9:25 p.m.