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City Commission Minutes 01/06/04
                        CITY COMMISSION MEETING – JANUARY 6, 2004

PRESENT                                                         ABSENT

Mayor Clarence E. Anthony                     Virginia K. Walker, City Clerk
Vice- Mayor Esther E. Berry
Commissioner Joe Kyles, Sr.
Commissioner John Wilson
Commissioner Shirley Walker- Turner

Members of Staff that was present

Glenda Taylor, Secretary
Annette Parchment, Assistant to the City Manager
Felicia Everett, Community Development Director
Albert Dowdell, Chief of Public Safety
Glen Torcivia, Attorney

Agenda Approval

Upon request of approval from Mayor Clarence E. Anthony, Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner motioned to approve the Agenda as presented and was seconded by Commissioner John Wilson. The vote was yes, Mayor Anthony, Yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Vice- Mayor Berry, Yes, Commissioner Walker- Turner. Vote 5-0.

Minutes Approval

Upon request of Mayor Clarence E. Anthony, Commissioner Joe Kyles, Sr. moved to approve the minutes and was seconded by Vice-Mayor Berry. Yes, Mayor Anthony, Yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes, Shirley Walker-Turner, Yes, Commissioner John Wilson. Vote 5-0.

Florida Recycling asked the City Commission to approve Florida Recycling Agreement. Attorney Glen Torcivia acknowledged the amount of $331,163.81 would be $5,000.00 less.

Browning and Ferris has agreed to drop ¼ million dollars owed by the City of South Bay

In five years the loan will be paid in full and the balance that is left will go to help finance the Franchise.

Vice- Mayor Berry wanted to know about the lock box and the City Manager stated that he did not like the lock box because he does not want to feel the people have no confidence in Management. Tony Smith stated that in two or three years the lock box will be closed.

Vice-Mayor Berry wanted to know the effective date of the lock box and Glen Torcivia stated it would be thirty days after the Ordinance.

Vice-Mayor voted to approve the Florida Recycling Agreement and Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner seconded. Yes, Mayor Anthony, Yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, John Wilson, Yes, Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner, Yes, Vice-Mayor Berry. Vote 5-0.

Pine Island Adventures with Dale Austin. Ordinance 2-2003.

Richard Orman, Planner for the City had issues for the recommendation for the project.

1.      Zoning from R-1 to  R-2
2.      Comprehensive plan is from 1996 and is outdated.
3.      Zoning Ordinance is in good shape
4.      Map is out of date.

Issues for the project more revenue for the City
Old empty buildings attract crime and it would rid the city of the old buildings
More homes for people to have in South Bay

Comments from the floor in regards to Pine Island Adventures:

1.      Michael Jackson gave some issues that he wanted to express against the project.
2.      Kenneth Jackson had many issues against the project.
3.      Linda Johnson spoke against the project
4.      Autrie Williams was against the project but agreed the City needed money.
5.      Ms. Banks spoke against the project but agreed the City needed money.

Commissioners agreed that we did not have all of the correct documents and they will wait until such time as everything is in order.

Comments from the Floor

Ms. Lovely stated the City was very dirty and it needed to be cleaned up.
Ms. Vickers stated the City needed more public safety.

Resolution 21-2004

The Resolution for improvements to Cox Park in the amount of $70,471.38. Commissioner Turner wanted to know if the City would be reimbursed 100% for the money they would be paying and Tony Smith stated they would pay from the front end.
The Resolution was moved by Commissioner Turner, seconded by Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Mayor Anthony, Yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Commissioner Walker-Turner. Vote 5-0.

Resolution 22-2004

Authorizing City Purchasing to issue a purchase order to Game time C/O Dominica Recreation Products in the amount of $26,372.02. Moved by Commissioner Kyles, Seconded by Commissioner Turner. Yes, Mayor Anthony, Yes, Vice- Mayor Berry, Yes, Commissioner Turner, yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes, John Wilson.

Tony Smith did his report on the Lake Region Water Treatment Plant (LRWTP)
And scheduled a meeting for January 13, 2004 in the Commission Chambers at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.