City of South Bay, FL
335 SW 2nd Ave, South Bay, FL 33493
ph: (561) 996-6751
City Commission Minutes 01/20/04


PRESENT                                                         ABSENT

Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry                      Mayor Clarence E. Anthony
Commissioner Joe Kyles, Sr
Commissioner John Wilson
Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner

Members of Staff that were Present                                        ABSENT

City Manager Tony Smith                                                      Virginia walker, City Clerk
Annette Parchment, Assistant to City Manager
Felicia Everett, Community Development Director
Police Chief Albert Dowdell
Allen Davis, Public Works Director

Vice – Mayor Berry called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. on January 20, 2004.

All in attendance stood for the Pledge to the American Flag.

Tony Smith stated that the Mayor was out of town on business but if we needed to call him we would be able to get in touch with him in Nashville, Tennessee.

Certificates and monetary prizes were awarded to winners of the Martin Luther king, Jr. Oratorical Contest.

1st place winners -  $75.00
2nd – place winners-$50.00
3rd place winners -$ 25.00

Dwight Chennette, CEO of the Health Care District made a presentation regarding the Health Care District and the sale of Glades General Hospital.

Glades General Hospital has been managed and operated by Providence since 1999. The hospital was sold to Providence by the Health Care Taxing District subsequent to the closure of Everglades Regional Medical Center in Pahokee.

Mr. Chenette stated that there is 17.4 million dollars in a fund to help the running of the hospital. Glades General was bought by the Health Care District on January 5, 2004.

Randy Chates is the Chair of the Hospital and David Goodlett is the Vice Chair.

Mr. Chenette stated that they want to bring better Doctors to this area and to have Specialist to come in but he stated that people of this area need to utilize the Hospital instead of driving to the Coast to their Hospitals. They also need paying people to come to the Hospital.

Mr. Chenette said this has to be a smooth transaction and these things have to happen:

1.      Stabilization
2.      Finance Stability
3.      Restoration
4.      Inergration

There will also be a Law Firm out of Washington to help with the problems of the Hospital.

Joe Kyles suggested that we have a Town Meeting to get information out about the Hospital

Autrie Williams spoke regarding the Hospital and said she is available to help the Health Care District in any way she can.

Commissioner Walker- Turner wants the Hospital to stay in the Glades and she will help in any way that she can. She also wanted to know how we can be good advocates and how do we get the Communities to help with the Hospital and Mr. Chenette stated he did not have all of the answers but we would have to work through it all.

Commissioner Wilson stated that going to the Emergency Room is very bad as you sit there hour after hour.

Ruth McDaniels is on the Board of Trustees and she stated that all Emergency Rooms are the same and they have only one (1) Doctor on Staff and the Patients have acute diagnosis that have to have a lot of time spent on them for tests and etc. She also stated that there is also 1700-to 1800 patients in the Hospital in a year.

Effie Grear stated she is the Glades Representative on the Health Care District Board of palm Beach County and her role is to advocate for comprehensive quality care for the Glades Community.

Kenneth Jackson , Executive Director of Street Beat, wants to implement a mentoring class with the City of South Bay. In order to obtain the necessary funding a member of his staff must obtain a crime prevention certification. He requested financial support in the amount of $325.00 to pay for on the training courses required.
Move by Commissioner Walker –Turner, Seconded by Commissioner Wilson, Yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Commissioner Turner, Yes, Commissioner Wilson. Passed 4-0.

We Help wanted to go ahead with their projects with the land that they purchased with the City and Commissioner Turner left the podium to avoid conflict.
Commissioner Wilson stated the homeowners have waited to long to get this project started. Motion by Commissioner Wilson, Seconded By Kyles, Yes, Vice- Mayor Berry, Yes, John Wilson, , Yes, Commissioner Kyles . Passed 3-0.

Ron Davis of the Dominion Land Group spoke on the Housing that he wants to put in The City of South Bay. He stated they have 10, 000.00 in escrow and he wants to close by March 1, 2004.

Tony Smith said Dominion would bring quality housing to the City of South Bay.
You can own a home for the price of $630.00 a month for a 4 bedroom – 2-bath home.
Commissioner Wilson stated the language in the agreement was to vague and they did not understand all of the statements in the agreement – he stated they needed the City Attorney present to represent the City on this issue. Commissioner Wilson wanted it tabled until next Commission meeting. Seconded by Turner, yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, yes, Kyles, Yes, Wilson, Yes, Turner. Tabled until next Commission Meeting.

Resolution 23-04 – Florida urging members of the Florida Legislature to support the Municipal issues during the 2004 Legislative Session.
Moved by Kyles, seconded by Turner, yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes, Kyles, Yes, Commissioner Turner, Yes, Wilson. Passed 4-0.

Resolution 24-2004 – Theresa LePore as a member of the Canvassing Board for the Municipal Election and perform duties of logic and accuracy testing and canvass the absentee ballots for the City. Moved by Kyles, Seconded by Wilson. Yes, Commissioner Turner, yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, yes, Kyles, Yes, Wilson. Passed 4-0.

Vice- Mayor Berry adjourned the meeting.