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City Commission Minutes 10/05/04

Mayor Clarence Anthony called the meeting to order.                                     Absent
Members of the staff present at the meeting were:                                       Virginia Walker
Mayor Clarence E. Anthony                                                                       Annette Parchment
Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry
Commissioner Joe Kyles
Commissioner John Wilson
Commissioner Shirley Walker – Turner
Secretary Glenda Taylor
Buffy Inman

The Commission and all present pledged the Allegiance to the Flag.

Consent Agenda Approval

The minutes that was stated on the October 5, 2004 meeting was tabled until the next Commission Meeting.

City Manager Tony Smith added on the Agenda the Amendment of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) agreement for FY 2003-2004.

Commissioner Walker- Turner asked a question about the different amounts that she had seen on the budget, it was explained that the budget amount was approximately 69,379.00 and the Grant amount was 51, 006.00 and the differences was the operating expenses and other uncontrollable expenses that occurred in 2003-2004.

Mayor Clarence Anthony ask for a motion to approve the consent agenda and the CDBG Motion by Commissioner Kyles, Seconded By Commissioner Walker Turner, Mayor Anthony , yes, Vice Mayor Berry, yes, Commissioner Wilson, yes – Approved 5-0.

Regular Agenda   - Mayor Clarence Anthony ask for a motion to approve the Regular Agenda – Motion by Vice – Mayor Berry, seconded by Wilson, Commissioner Kyles, yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes -, Mayor Anthony, yes. Approved 5-0.

New Business – Florida Municipal Insurance Trust for 2004-2005 Insurance Coverage. Florida Municipal Insurance Trust is the administrator for the City of South Bay Risk Management Services. The application is for coverage commencing October 1, 2004 through December 31, 2005.

Mayor Anthony asked for a motion to approve. Motion by Commissioner Walker-Turner,
Seconded by Commissioner Wilson, Vice- Mayor Berry, yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes, Mayor Anthony, yes. Approved 5-0.

Ordinance 6-2004A first reading of Ordinance granting to Florida Power and Light, its successors and assigns, an electric franchise, imposing provisions and conditions relating thereto, providing for monthly payments to the city. Mayor Anthony asked for a motion. Motion by Vice Mayor Berry, seconded by Kyles, Commissioner Walker Turner, yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes.   Approved 5-0.

Resolution 1-2005- A resolution notifying the Auditor General of the strides and guidelines made by the Commission to the Accrued Deficit. Motion by Vice-Mayor Berry, Seconded by Commissioner Walker- Turner, Commissioner Wilson, yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes.  Approved 5-0.

Public Comments  

Willie Marshall – Mr. Marshall was concerned about the water rate increase and also if we make money why is the city also in a hole, Mayor Anthony answered by saying that we have had a lot of expense, for example, Florida Recycling Lawsuit, The water system, which we have spent a lot of money on and we have not raised water rates in twenty four years.

Dolores Bethea – Ms. Bethea wanted to know if the citizens could vote on the water rates or would the Commission have the decision? Mayor Anthony said that the Commission was very interested in the public opinion but the final decision would be by the City Commission.

Veronica McCarthy – Stated that the building permits in the City of South Bay are higher than anywhere else and wanted to know if the Manager and Commission would consider waiving the permit fee due to the hurricane damage. Tony Smith answered by saying that the city staff would look into the issue.

Tony Turon Dunson Stated that he was arrested and treated wrong by the South Bay Police Department. Mr. Stetson has a permit to park his semi truck on his street as he tried to explain to the police department the police officer would not listen and he was arrested. Mayor Anthony stated that he knew that Mr. Dunson was telling the truth as he had a similar experience and Mayor Anthony ask Chief Michael Morris to step forward, Chief Morris stated he was aware of the problems and he was taking care of the issues.

Thomas Stetson – Wanted to know if Wackenhut rates was going to higher or was it just the citizens and Mayor Anthony answered by saying that already Wackenhut pays more that anyone else. Mr. Stetson also wanted to know about the new water plant and Mayor Anthony said the new water plant would not be in use for five (5) years.

Mr. Lovely was concerned about the mosquito spraying, he said it was not doing any good, staff explained that the weather was a big factor in the mosquito spraying but Commissioner Kyles wanted Willie McKenzie called to speak with him about the  spraying.

Barbara McIntosh – The trash is not being picked up as it should be – staff answered by saying they would take care of the complaint.

Lexie Childs  -Ms. Childs wanted to know if the city had any big income besides the water and Commissioner Turner answered by saying that we have Property taxes but the Commission did not want to raise that and the only alternative at this point was the water rates and she did not want them raised as she is a citizen of South Bay but the Commission has to do what is good for the city.

Rosa Ramirez - has an issue with the Police Department and the Chief said that he will take care of the issue but the police officer that has already been fired that arrested her.

Naomi Walker – The roads are very bad - please try to fix them and she also ask about the Ready to Serve that is on the water bill.

Lewis Police -  Mr. Police stated that the Ready to Serve was put into place  in 1979 at the amount of $18.00 but the amount now is $12.00.

Debra Gadson - A pole is leaning at 185 NW 12th Avenue.- The city needs to check on it.

Pamela Harvey - The city is giving away the easements and they need to correct the issue.

City Manager Report  - Two weeks from October 5, 2004 there will be a Public Hearing for proposed water rates and the public will be notified. Education Forum and Mr. Smith asked for phone numbers of citizens to call and inform them.

Meeting adjourned.