City of South Bay, FL
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City Commission Minutes 10/19/04
Commission Meeting October 19, 2004

Present                                                                      Absent
Mayor Clarence Anthony                                         Virginia Walker
Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry
Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner
Commissioner Joe Kyles
Commissioner John Wilson

The Commission Meeting was opened on October 19, 2004 by the Pledge to the Flag and Commissioner Kyles led us in prayer.

Mayor Anthony asked Commissioner Tony Masilotti   to come forward. Mayor Anthony stated that he has said many times what a wonderful job Commissioner Masilotti has done in representing this area. Mayor Anthony stated that anyone who looks at the County Commission could see the interest Commissioner Masilotti shows in the Glades. He always talks about the Glades and it is obvious he is trying to help the Glades, For example, today there was an issue about the Everglades and the growth opportunities for our region and no one stood up for the Glades but Commissioner Masilotti. Mayor Anthony thanked Commissioner Masilotti for his leadership and welcomed him to South Bay.

Commissioner Masilotti stated that four months ago we got together and decided we are going to continue to work toward youth activities. More areas are now aiming at athletics for the children and after school learning facilities.  You all know that the South Bay Headstart turned out beautiful but the storms did a lot of damage to the facility therefore, we will have to push the dedication back until sometime in December. I hope that everyone from the Commission and the City Manager will be present because without you people this project would not have been possible.

As a way to try and move toward the amenities that you need out here, I am bringing you a check for $50,000.00 to help pay for expenses for the parks. I also need you to know that we have $200,000.00 left in the Cultural Bond Issue and our Recreation Issue for South Bay.  We had originally wanted to use the $200,000.00 for the Boat Ramp Project but here are more pressing needs, and it does not look like we will be able to start on the Boat Ramp project for the next year, we might be able to just transfer those funds over into other recreational projects for the children. Annually we set aside money for the Glades and the Recreational needs.

South Florida Water Management District has pledged some money for the Boat Ramp Project at one time but with the accelerated Everglades Restoration Program and the Surf Program they have focused all of their funds on the Surf Program. I do not know if the Boat Ramp Project will be in the next year.
If you do have a need for the $200,000.00 for the Recreational Program needs and improvements on the parks, please let me know.

Commissioner Masilotti stated that the County has another bus available for the youth activities for the area and it will be delivered in December. He would like the bus to go directly to the city or to the providers in the city.

In regards to the water plant, I ran a utility company for six years and I am very familiar with water plants. You have an antiquated system and you have done the best that you can over the years in keeping the plant running and keeping the water safe. The County, the Government, South Florida Water Management, the State, and the three cities are working together to form a Regional Water Plant. In the meantime, it might be good for you to think about the opportunity of turning your existing plant over to the county, you would maintain the same employees that you have for the operation, and you could absorb that system in to the county wide system and that may prevent the need for water rate hikes over the next three years. It is something the mayor and I have talk about and it seems like a good solution and it could be done within the next 60 to 90 days. Commissioner Masilotti then presented a check for $50,000.

Vice-Mayor Berry asked Commissioner Masilotti if it would be possible to have active programs for the senor citizens. Commissioner Masilotti responded that he would be happy to work on that.

Mayor Anthony stated that as Commissioner Masilotti continues to advocated for the Glades, in your role about South Bay, as you know Urban Communities, West Palm and the costal communities have really prospered because they have had a lot of growth and industries coming in to their area.  We know the county funds the Business Development Board. We really think that one of their goals and objectives should be their success ratio and bring opportunities to the Glades. Commissioners Masilotti stated that one of the priorities for the Business Development Board was to help Glades area.

Commissioner John Wilson asked about the roads and Commissioner Masilotti stated that he is making pleas for the road improvements.

Mayor Anthony stated that he is hoping that in two weeks Commissioner Masilotti will be the chairperson of the County Commission, and in your role as the chairperson, we know you will represent all of Palm Beach County, but in the role as chairperson we hope you will be the Glades chairperson for a least one year.

Commissioner Walker Turner has presented a 10% reduction in the Water and Sewer Rates adjustment.  

Moved by Mayor Anthony to decrease the water and sewer rates by 10%- rate adjustment motion by Commissioner Walker-Turner, seconded by Commissioner Kyles, Vice-Mayor Berry, yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes.   Commissioner Walker Turner, yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes, Mayor Anthony, yes.  Approved    5-0.

The Commissioners discussed relinquishing their city checks back to the general fund.

Dr. Joseph Orsengo did a presentation on the Hurricane of 1928. The death toll for the hurricane is estimated to be at 2500 people.

Autrie Williams wanted everyone to be aware of the impact Hurricanes can have on the Glades. She wanted to thank all the staff for the excellent job they did on checking on the citizens during the Hurricanes. She also stated the County has set aside 1 million dollars to help single family homes to get repairs taking care of and she has applications for the citizens to fill out.

Mayor Anthony asked for a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion by Commissioner Kyles, Second by Commissioner Walker-Turner. Vice-Mayor Berry yes. Commissioner Walker-Turner, Yes.  Commissioner Wilson, Yes, Commissioner Kyles, Yes. Mayor Anthony   Yes. Approved 5-0

Ordinance 7-2005
Regarding the public service tax on the water consumption. Commissioner Walker-Turner wanted to table this ordinance for the next commission meeting. Moved by Commissioner Walker-Turner, Second by Vice-Mayor Berry, Commissioner Kyles, Yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes. Commissioner Walker-Turner, yes , Mayor Anthony, yes Approved 5-0.

Ordinance 8-2005
Revising the ready to serve charges and usage charges and rates for the water and wastewater systems. Moved by Commissioner Walker-Turner, Second by Commissioner Kyles, Commissioner Wilson, Yes, Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes, Mayor Anthony, Yes. Commissioner Walker-Turner, yes, Commissioner Wilson, yes.  Approved 5-0.

Robert Orri made a presentation the Murray Hamilton on the water and sewer rates reports. Robert Orri summarized from the educational forum, which was held on   October 18, 2004.

Resolution 2-2005
Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Palm Beach County Community Development for the use and benefit of the Community Development Block Grant Program.  Moved by Commissioner Kyles, Second by Commissioner Walker-Turner. Commissioner Wilson, Yes. Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes , Mayor Anthony, yes, Commissioner Kyles, yes Commissioner Walker Turner, yes , Approved 5-0.

Resolution 3-2005

Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with the State of Florida Department of State, and Division of Historical Resources Preservation Grant Award, regarding the railroad workers
Cottages. Phase II on behalf of the City. Moved by Commissioner Walker-Turner, Second by Commissioner Kyles. Vice-Mayor Berry, Yes, Commissioner Wilson, Yes. Commissioner Walker-Turner yes, Mayor Anthony, yes Approved 5-0.

Meeting was adjourned.