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City Commission Workshop Minutes 08-23-2005

AUGUST 23, 2005
5:20 P.M.
Present                                                 Absent
Mayor Clarence E. Anthony
Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry
Commissioner Joe Kyles (arrived late)
Commissioner Shirley Walker -Turner
Commissioner John Wilson

Members of Staff Present

Bobby “Tony” Smith, City Manager                                
Virginia K. Walker, City Clerk
Annette J. Parchment, Deputy City Clerk / Human Resource Dir.
Cynthia Hammond, Finance Director
Theodore Green, Public Works Director
Allen Davis, Utilities Director
Charles Inman, Recreation Director
James Richard Harris, Comm. Dev. Manager
Michael Morris, Public Safety Director

Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry opened the Workshop at 5:20 p.m.

Vice-Mayor Berry, informed the Commission that she no longer serves on the Glades General Hospital Board and introduced Mr. Dan Aranda, CEO, Glades General Hospital.

Mr. Aranda, informed the Commission that a new hospital will take three (3) to five (5) years to build.  In the meantime we are updating what we have.  Mr. Aranda, said they will give personal tours of the hospital.  He said the hospital has state of the art technology.  He informed the Commission everything bought is removable, so equipment can easily be switched to new hospital.  Mr. Aranda, said the Healthcare District is trying to get land donated.  They estimate that it will cost 60 million dollars to build a new hospital and the Healthcare District has put aside 30 million.

Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner said that she had seen the newly renovated facilities and the waiting time is minimal said that she had seen the newly renovated facilities and the waiting time was minimal.

Continuation of Minutes of September 6, 2005, Workshop                                  Page    

Mr. Aranda, informed the Commission that there was a plot in South Bay that has been identified, but that he won’t be making the decision of actually where the Regional Hospital will be built.

Commissioner Walker-Turner, asked how long will it take for the healthcare district to decide where it will be built?

Mr. Aranda, said he was looking at over the next three (3) months to get an answer of where it will be built.

Commissioner Walker-Turner, asked would the hospital be built to withstand hurricanes?

Mr. Aranda, replied “Yes, it will”.

Mr. Bobby “Tony” Smith, City Manager, asked Mr. Aranda, would the new modern hospital be a regional hospital?  City Manager Smith, asked about the Clewiston hospital and with new hospital it may not be able to withstand.

Mr. Aranda, replied “Yes” the new hospital will be a regional hospital.

City Manager Smith, said that this area is certainly of need.

Mayor Clarence E. Anthony, thanked Mr. Aranda, CEO, Glades General Hospital, for coming out and wanted to know how can we help to move the healthcare district to build in our area.