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City Commission Workshop Minutes 07-05-2005
Page         1379

JULY 5, 2005

Present                                                 Absent

Mayor Clarence E. Anthony
Vice-Mayor Esther E. Berry
Commissioner Joe Kyles
Commissioner Shirley Walker -Turner
Commissioner John Wilson

Members of Staff Present

Bobby “Tony” Smith, City Manger                         Virginia K. Walker, City Clerk
Annette J. Parchment, Asst. to City Mgr. / Human Resource Dir.
Cynthia Hammond, Finance Director
Theodore Green, Public Works Director
Allen Davis, Utilities Director
Charles Inman, Recreation Director
James Richard Harris, Comm. Dev. Manager
Michael Morris, Public Safety Director

Mayor Anthony opened the Work Shop meeting at 5:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Commissioner Joe Kyle led a prayer.

Mayor Anthony started the workshop off by saying that the day-to-day management of the City is done by the City Manager.  Mayor Anthony informed the Commission that as an appointed position, the City Commission hire, fire and give direction.

Commissioner Walker-Turner stated that it is difficult to evaluate someone and not supervise them.  Commissioner Walker-Turner asked is there an option in the Charter that states, “Who will supervise the Police Chief”?

Mayor Anthony replied that the City Commission is the hiring and firing entity.  

Mayor Anthony replied that the City Commission would talk to the newly appointed Police Chief as to the City Commission expectations.

Continuation of Minutes of July 5, 2005, Workshop                             Page 1380

Vice Mayor Esther Berry stated that there might be some challenges to the Charter later, and that there need to be some consistency with the position and name.  The position was advertised as Director of Public Safety and in the Charter, Chapter 11; Page 57; Section 18-28; the position is called Chief of Police.

Commissioner John Wilson had several recommendations to Chief Michael Morris in his new position, but one of them was that Chief Morris will have more responsibilities now but still need to be visible in the community.

Commissioner Shirley Walker-Turner said that she recognizes the respect that Chief Morris has in the community.  She stated that she was looking for the following in a Police Chief; 1.  Strong Management and supervisory skills; and 2. Have opportunity to build own Police Department; and 3.  Programs available through Juvenile Justice; and 4.  Opportunity to bring into the community for youths.

Commissioner Walker-Turner said that the Police Chief should work hand in hand with the City Manager.

Chief Michael Morris informed the City Commission that he wanted to increase manpower; this was one of his short-term goals.  He also stated that he wanted to purchase more vehicles, due to a lot of the vehicles are not in good running condition.  He said that he wanted to start a Juvenile Program with a night basketball program.  Chief Morris, said he wanted to focus more on the Juvenile Police Explorer Program.

Mayor Anthony said that the Agenda should be revised to include a monthly report from the Chief Morris.

Mayor Anthony said that Chief Morris is to submit a biweekly report to the City Commission, and if he has nothing to report, just note that there is nothing to report.

City Manager, Bobby Smith, informed the City Commission that Chief Morris, report can be added under City Manager’s report.

Mayor Anthony said that the Commission wanted the Director of Public Safety focus on the job.  And Commissioner Kyles, said that the Commission wanted Chief Morris to focus on the job and be more visible in the City.

Chief Morris, replied if the City has a complaint to report, please feel free to let him know.

Mayor Anthony, said that a workshop should be scheduled in six (6) months to review and evaluate the progress of the new Director of Public Safety.

Continuation of Minutes of July 5, 2005, Workshop                             Page 1381

Mayor Anthony, said that the issue of the Director of Public Safety’s base salary had not been decided, and he had spoke with Chief Morris and the salary of $56,000.00 was brought to the table.

Chief Morris, said he wanted to be paid $53,000.00 and take the additional $3,000.00 to give to deserving employees.

Commissioner Walker-Turner replied could that be done and that it may be a wage issue.

Mayor Anthony said that another alternative would be looked at regarding Chief Morris requests.  Chief Morris base salary is decided upon at $56,000.00.

Mr. James Burphy, RCT Engineering, Inc. spoke on behalf of the interconnect with the City of Belle Glade.  Mr. Burphy, informed the City Commission that everything is on schedule as of June 16, 2005.  He said that the City did go through the bid process and received two (2) bids.  The lowest bid was by Midway Corporation at $55,000.00 and the highest bid was at $100,000.

Mayor Anthony, asked will the pumps and interconnect have the capacity to withstand any development we may have?  Mr. Burphy, replied yes.

Vice Mayor Esther Berry, replied if we maxed out regarding the sewage distribution would it then overflow to ponds?  Mr. Burphy, replied yes, with effort the Department of Environmental Protection Agency (DEP) will allow City to backflow into ponds.

Commissioner John Wilson, asked was there two (2) Engineering firms working on project?  Mr. Burphy replied yes and no, they’re roles are very different.

Mr. Charles Sweat, replied that he negotiated with DEP to stop fines from coming in and in the negotiation with the City of Belle Glade regarding the rates.

Mr. Smith, City Manager, thanked the City of Belle Glade for wanting to assist us in regards to the interconnect, but that the City needs to get its own plant.

Vice-Mayor Berry, replied that at the heart of all this is our health issue and that the City have serious Wastewater issues.  Vice-Mayor Berry, also replied that at some point and time we need to look at the entire magnitude regarding the Wastewater.

Commissioner Kyles, asked is it still negotiable the $3.66 per $1,000.  Mr. Sweat, replied that they are still hoping to bring number down.

Commissioner Wilson, said that at one time a prefabricated plant was discussed with Ms. Lisa Self.  Mr. Sweat, replied that it would cost about 1.8 million dollars to replace existing plant.
Continuation of Minutes of July 5, 2005, Workshop                             Page 1382

Commissioner Walker-Turner asked where was the money coming from and could it be sued for a package plant?

City Manager Smith replied “No”.

Commissioner Walker-Turner replied could we not modify request.

Mr. Sweat, we are using the word “Interim Connection”.

Commissioner Walker-Turner replied before we finalize our options with the City of Belle Glade, we need to consider some dialogue.  

Mr. Sweat replied that he recommend to proceed with finalization with Belle Glade and then authorize Governmental Services Group to move as fast as they can to setup a package plant and then exit from Belle Glade as soon as we can.

Commissioner Kyles, asked how many years will the City be tied into Belle Glade?

Mr. Sweat, replied the City don’t want more than three (3) years.

Mayor Anthony, informed the Commission of a meeting on July 6, 2005 at 12:00 at Belle Glade City Hall.

Mayor Anthony, asked would the City be charged the same as a resident?

Mr. Sweat, replied that he had received them from City rates.

Mayor Anthony, replied that the City Manager would get the numbers for us.  And the City Manager should ask Belle Glade Commissioners for the same rate they are giving residents.

Mr. Sweat, replied that there will be a special meeting at the City of Belle Glade.

Mayor Anthony asked that the City Manager and Mr. Charles Sweat put together bullets for the meeting.

Mayor Anthony then went on to next agenda item the Howard Johnson Hotel.

City Manager Smith, made a presentation to the City Commission regarding the proposal submitted by Howard Johnson Hotel.

Commissioner Wilson replied that they also want to build a bowling alley and skating rank.  He said that this is a tremendous opportunity to the City as far as taxes.

Continuation of Minutes of July 5, 2005, Workshop                             Page 1383

Mayor Anthony said he questioned the $3,000.00 per acre.

Commissioner Wilson, said 13% was for infrastructure and roads.

City Manager Smith, replied that this was the same land that Hope Charities wanted.

Vice Mayor Berry, asked about the market value of this land.  She replied that we are sitting on prime property and staff needs to study this further.  She also said we need to look at what modification to property can be done.

Commissioner Walker-Turner, replied that we need to support this project, but where it’s going to be located, we need to talk about it further.  Commissioner Walker-Turner replied that legitimate businesses are coming into South Bay and we need to study land.  She said the City did agree to work with New Hope Charities.  

Commissioner Walker-Turner, replied that staff and Commission need to workshop what land use we have.  She replied that $3,000 per acre is a bit low for land.

Commissioner Wilson, replied that Mr. Andrae Givens, Howard Johnson Hotel agreed to be at Commission meeting Sept. 8, 2005.

Commissioner Kyles replied that he only had a problem with the amount.

Commissioner Wilson, replied they need to be given the opportunity.

Mayor Anthony, said that Mr. Givens, Howard Johnson Hotel, will need to come and give a presentation to the City Commission and negotiate and the Commission will need to look at market price.  Mayor Anthony, expressed his desire for the Howard Johnson Hotel to come to South Bay.

Mayor Anthony instructed the City Manager to get all backup to this project for next meeting.

Mayor Anthony said that Commissioner Wilson and the City Manager should work on this project together.

Mr. Smith, City Manager asked the City Commission to authorize staff to get appraisals for property.

Commissioner Walker-Turner, asked is there a conflict if a Commissioner goes out to get any dollars to bring into the City?

Mayor Anthony, said there were two (2) options to look at. 1.) Look at 6.9 acres and negotiate fair market value; and 2.) Put out RFP and allow others to bid on property.
Continuation of Minutes of July 5, 2005, Workshop                             Page 1384

Vice Mayor Berry asked had the Strategic Planning workshop for July 19th been finalized.

Mayor Anthony adjourned the meeting at 7:15 p.m.

                                                Clarence E. Anthony, Mayor

Virginia K. Walker, City Clerk