City of South Bay, FL
335 SW 2nd Ave, South Bay, FL 33493
ph: (561) 996-6751
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Description 2018-5 Reconstruction SW 1st St. from SW 7th Ave to US-27 / for Martin Luther King Blvd Reconstruction and watermain/ Modernization of Parks Facilities 2018 / Modernization of Parks Facilities Original/ NW 8the Ave Resurfacing/ 2018-7 Request for Professional Architectural and Engineer/ 2019-01 Lobbyist Consultant Services/
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Details 2018-04 Mosquito Control Services.pdf Owned Surplus Real Estate BID 2017-07.pdf 2017-04 - Engineering Services for (SW 7th Ave).pdf 2017-03 Building Demolition Services.pdf 2017-01 (Addendum 1).pdf Control Services - RFP 2017-02.pdf of Commerce LOI 2017(Final).pdf Solid Waste Collection Services 201607 2.pdf Hall Roof Replacement-RFP 2016-06.pdf Control Services - RFP 2016-05.pdf of Commerce LOI 2016-2.pdf Waste Collection ADDENDUM-SCHEDULE.pdf Waste Collection Services (AMENDED) RFP 2016-03.pdf Vehicles 2016 Bid 16-001.pdf 4-15 Street Resurfacing.pdf Resurfacing Project 2-2015.pdf