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Elderly Activities Program
This program will maintain a comprehensive and coordinated system of services for older individuals, which promotes maximum independence and dignity in a home environment, through employment and volunteer opportunities, nutrition services, support services, and a multipurpose senior center (Tanner Park). For the elderly in the community programs will teach fine arts skills (drawing, sewing, painting, weaving, carving, pottery, graphics and jewelry.

The Parks and Recreation Department is to provide programs for all ages including sports leagues/programs, cultural arts, leisure and fitness classes, instructional programs (dance, gymnastics, karate, self-defense, babysitting, first aid, CPR, etc.) and special events. Special programs for older adults and children, adolescents, and adults with physical, development and emotional disabilities will also be implemented. Also, community classes, as well as speakers, presentations, and workshops on art and adaptive art will be hosted onsite at Tanner Park.

Senior Activities
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