Public Works

Mission Statement:

To provide effective, efficient, and safe levels of service to our residents and customers and responsible to the City of South Bay public infrastructure, vehicles, and facilities. To be perceived as a dedicated, responsive, and professional organization. Public Works services have earned the City of South Bay a reputation as a beautiful city. Public Works employees have helped to build this reputation through the quality of works; work that directly impacts the quality ofour city. Public Works is a diverse department that shares one common goal, working to improve our quality of life in the City of South Bay.

Primary Functions:

Administration Division
  • Inter-Department and Divisional Coordination and Support
  • Coordinate with various Regulatory Agencies for Permitting & Compliance
  • Project Coordination
  • Review and Recommend Purchasing and Contract Awards
  • Plan & Review Project 
Street Division
  • Tree Trimming/Removal
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Heavy Equipment Service/Operations
  • Lot Mowing
  • Street Signs
  • Sidewalk and Curb Re-Construction
Building Maintenance
  • Maintenance of All City Facilities
  • Janitorial Service for City Hall
Storm Water Program
  • Street Sweeping
  • Cleaning/Maintenance of Drainage

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Edgar Kerr Director (561) 996-6751 Ext. 121